Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply

Daitron AC/DC switching power supply features Ultra Low Noise equivalent to linear type of power supply products even in a small footprint, high efficiency, less components required and cost effective price range to high end noise sensitive applications in Medical and Industrial markets.

Design Engineers can "Get rid of linear power supply" for their new designs.   


  • Ultra Low Ripple & Noise
  • Low Leakage Current
  • Small & Light weight
  • High Efficiency
  • RoHS Free, Vinyl Chloride Free, Halogen Free
  • Meet Safety Standards (UL, CSA, EN, PSE)

Product Overview:
Product Series LFS50A LFS150A PFS300A
Vin (50/60Hz,100-240VAC) standard standard standard
Output (W) 50 150 300
Power Factor 100V/200V 0.97/0.86 0.98/0.90 0.98/0.93
Ripple Noise (mVp-p typ) 10 10 (13 for 48VDC) 10
Leakage current (mA  @264VAC) 0.15 0.15 0.2
OCP > 110% on output > 110% on output > 110% on output
OVP > 115% on input > 115% on input > 115% on input
Remote Enable standard standard standard
Remote Sensing standard standard standard
Remote Voltage Adjustment standard standard N/A
DC output options                                                          5 N/A
CE standard standard standard
UL/CSA standard standard standard
(UL/EN 60601-1, UL/EN 60950-1)      

Daitron Incorporated is a premier manufacturer and distributor for low noise power supply solutions. For more information, please submit inquiry or contact us directly toll free in the USA at 888-324-8766. 

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