Fluid Process Components

For engineers to design and manufacture liquid process systems anything from the high purity UCT (ultra clean technology) field such as acids or alkalis to anything in the food and beverage industry, they should expect to have the very best quality components, at a reasonable price, in order to create their systems.
Daitron provides key components addressed to the needs of our customers; who expect intelligence in engineering and cost effective manufacturing expertise. The range of applications for flow control components is exceptionally diverse. These components are found in laboratories, hospitals, and research and production facilities, as well as in coffee machines, automatic washing machines and beer dispensing systems.
Daitron specializes in fluid components used in chemical distribution systems, and automated, semi-automated or manual wet stations and wetbenches for the semiconductor, biomedical, data storage and other high technology applications worldwide. These high purity wet process components include such items as plumbing fittings, water guns, inline heating systems, ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning, plus flow control components such as flowmeters, valves, regulators, manifolds, and liquid level monitoring.

Contact us to find out what flow control components Daitron can provide for you! We provide high purity wet process components to suit a wide range of fluid distribution systems.